IBR Roof Sheeting Specialists

When it comes to roof sheeting you want something reliable, durable and attractive. IBR roof sheeting specialists make fitting the sheeting easy. It can be fitted to wood or steel roof structures with the right kind of screws. The sheeting has a cover width of 686mm per sheet too, which means it can be installed relatively fast, and that makes it ideal for large projects. While there are many good roofing products on the market; each with their own characteristics, IBR roof sheeting, or inverted box rib has a number of excellent qualities, one of them being its strength to weight ratio, providing optimum load span consistency. Inverted Box Rib comes in different materials; galvanized to aluminium, and with different factory applied colour coatings. The sheeting is available in different thicknesses up to 0.8mm.

Excellent Drainage Qualities

IBR roof sheetings offers excellent drainage characteristics. The sheeting has a wider pan between ribs with the ability to channel larger amounts of water to the runoff points. The sheets are available in different materials and display different structural properties.

IBR can be laid either narrow flute out or broad flute out or even combined, giving your roof a different look. It is better to get roofing specialists to lay your roof because often you won’t get a warranty if you don’t have a professional roofer installing your sheeting.  The sheeting is available in standard lengths of 1.5 to 14 metres, but other lengths can be requested.


Purlin spacing is dependent on winds and dust, and IBR roof sheeting specialists determine the purlin spacing for a specific application. They make use of quality roof screws to fix the sheets to the purlins. Purlins support the covering of the roof and are placed horizontally to the rafters.

IBR sheeting is available in standard lengths, with the permissible length tolerance being -+5 mm. The recommended minimum pitch for roof slopes less than 30 m is 5º. IBR roof sheeting specialists help people with sheeting prices for the bold angular roofing sheets.

IBR popular for Many Applications

The main market for IBR is in South Africa and applications where polycarbonate roof sheeting is popularly used are industrial warehouses as well as greenhouses, sheds and homes. The sheets offer high light transmission and are weather resistant, making them perfect for greenhouse coverings as well as skylight applications, especially because of their non-corrosive properties and variety of colours.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting include it being impact resistant, UV resistant, resistant to many chemicals and lightweight.

Make Sure You Choose the Best

Reputable IBR roof sheeting specialists are members of the National Roofing Contractor’s Association or NRCA, they are licensed and insured, they have the experience and skills to do your roofing job correctly the first time because they carry a line of professional products and they often offer financing as well.

If you are not sure about IBR and your specific roof design, there are many IBR roof sheeting specialists who will gladly advise you on your roofing and give you a free quote as well.

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